Jon Becker

My name is Jon Becker and I am the chair for IU’s FALCON Conference, coming to Indianapolis this November. This will be the 20th annual conference, and much has changed since we began serving the needs of Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers within the IU system in 1995.

The most obvious change is our new name! From 1995 until 2011,this was named the AFC (Associate Faculty and Lecturers Conference). In 2012, we changed the name to more accurately describe the segment of faculty that we serve and clarify any ambiguity.  AFC is now known as FALCON, FACET’s Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers CONference.

With our new name has come a new mission statement:

FALCON exists to provide a forum for non-tenured lecturers and adjunct instructors from all disciplines to exchange academic and professional development strategies designed to enhance teaching and student learning in the classroom.

We are also expanding our target audience. Previously, the AFC had been reserved for Indiana University faculty at the eight IU campuses. FALCON is open to any non-tenured faculty teaching in higher education both nationally and internationally. It is our goal to become the premier conference in the country focused on meeting the needs of the fastest growing segment of instructors in our universities—the non-tenured faculty members.