FACET welcomes new members each year via a process of nomination, application, and selection. The process typically begins in the fall, although deadlines vary by campus.

Selection Criteria

FACET seeks to identify faculty who have:

  • A record of and ongoing dedication to excellence in teaching, support of student learning, and assistance to colleagues
  • A commitment to their own continuing growth through reflection
  • The willingness to advocate for the importance of teaching and learning—locally, regionally, and/or nationally
  • Advanced the craft of teaching through efforts in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Demonstrated a commitment to continued involvement in teaching activities, specifically FACET programming


Prospective FACET members are nominated by a fellow faculty member or administrator. They must have a minimum of four years of service at IU. They must also be full-time faculty members and outstanding teachers—the kinds of educators who reflect on their teaching, contribute to the development of other educators, and are willing to try new pedagogical methods.

Learn more about eligibility and nominations.

Applications and Selection

Each candidate submits an application—including a dossier and two peer reviews—to a campus selection committee for review. The committee reviews the application and may ask the candidate to adjust and resubmit the dossier.

If the campus committee and the campus’s vice chancellor for academic affairs or dean of faculties recommend the candidate for further consideration, his or her materials will be submitted to FACET’s Statewide Selection Committee.

The nine-member statewide committee—which includes one representative from each campus and a committee chairperson—chooses the new members from the 45 to 60 nominees typically submitted by the eight campuses. New members are announced in March.